Authentic products from the world's best brands

Our mission is to make the world's most desirable brands accessible to Vietnamese consumers. While we always offer the best prices, we never compromise on quality: We carefully inspect every single item for quality and authenticity before delivering them to you.

Here is how we do it:

1. We only work with official and authorized partners

The merchandise sold on Leflair is always purchased from the brands directly or, if the brand does not have a representative office in Vietnam, from their official distributors. We only select partners who have the proper certifications to distribute the brands we acquire.

  • If our partner is the brand, they provide us with certified copy of their brands registration certificate provided by the office of intellectual property
  • If our partner is an authorized distributor, we require a certified copy of their authorization certificate of distribution provided by the brand owner

2. We only sell certified product

All products available for sale come with certified documentation from our partners. We ensure our goods have been legally purchased, declared to the government, and authorized to be sold to our customers. We require a valid purchase invoice from our partners for all products sold on Leflair. We provide a valid invoice in every single parcel shipped to our customers

3. We strictly control the quality

Our product Quality Control team inspects every single item twice to ensure that the product is in perfect condition:

  • First, upon receiving the merchandise from our partners in order to identify any possible flaw very early on and replace the product
  • As we prepare your parcel before shipping it to you, to ensure the quality remained perfect during the storage period